We are looking
for real estate projects

Target investment size
Investments strategy
value add
Target IRR
10—15% in the conservative scenario
Type of investment
equity and mezzanine financing
Type of assets
standing assets and land plots for development
primary and secondary cities in Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, and the UK
Asset classes
residential, hotels, co-livings, care homes
up to 3 years


Tranio Capital is an international real estate investment platform established in 2010. We act as an asset management company with in‑house development expertise.

Tranio has offices and representatives in Moscow, Berlin, Munich, Athens, and Limassol.

Our background

We started our brokerage business. We developed a multi-language platform Tranio,  with the focus on private clients looking for cross-border real estate deals.

As of 2019, Tranio attracts more than 2.5mn visitors per year and processes more than 1,000 qualified requests per month. Our brokerage department has closed more than 1,000 transactions with private clients since 2010. Tranio web-site is at the top of Google’s search results in the category of searching properties. Our analytical reports were published by major media resources such as Bloomberg, The Independent, Forbes, etc.

Through the brokerage platform, Tranio has direct access to thousands of market players around the world, and it is a tool for analyzing the data about cross-border investors’ expectations, deals search, and exits.

Investment decision process

All projects go through the investment committee approval consisting of the experts in real estate capital markets, finance, research, risk analysis, and asset management.

We perform preliminary due diligence, including title and permits check, commercial feasibility of the project/asset.

Our track record

For the last five years, we deployed c. €500mn of capital in the form of equity and mezzanine financing.

At the beginning of 2021, we have 15 development projects in progress. Assets under management are approximately €150mn.

Our investors

We have established relationships with more than 20 single-family offices and private clients who consider projects up to €150mn equity and can join us on a project to project case.

Together with our capital partners, we are ready to consider value add deals up to €20mn equity.

We work only with reputable investors who can confirm the source of their funds.
We perform background checks, KYC, and comply with AML requirements, ready to provide proof of funds.

We built trustful and long-term relationships with our investors and partners, proven by a series of projects that we have closed with our existing clients.

Partnership opportunities

Tranio works with local developers and operators with proven track records. We are open to Joint Ventures (GP/LP) provided that the partner invests his capital and ready to share profit depending on the contribution of each party.

We are ready to pay commissions to brokers who bring investment opportunities.